Hello there fellow classmates or persons who happened to wander onto this blog,

This is my Final Project entitled “Pop Romance Korea.” It’s a role playing game I made using RPGMaker VXAce and the Germania,  Samurai, and Modern Day tilesets to create a village with a dichotomy of old and new. It’s planned as a dating sim with a healthy dash of Korean culture thrown in the mix, but for now I’ve set the more modest goal of just recreating a Korean village that you can walk around in and explore to soak up that culture. It takes a very long time to make a games mechanics, so I just want to do this as an intro to a possible game that I think would be interesting to Koreans.

You will play as a character of your choosing, then decide which other character, out of the ones you didn’t choose as your player character, that you would like to pursue a romantic relationship with. Each character comes with their own backstory, personality, hobbies, and likes and dislikes. The object of the game will be to win them over before the time runs out!

The game is set in the real village of Bongha, next to the larger city of Gimhae in Korea, and I tried to stick to the actual map of the village as much as possible. I even went so far as to look up what businesses are in Bongha and place them around the map accordingly. I looked up what festivals are in the area, and what produce they farm – they are known for their persimmons and rice.

There are real landmarks in the game that many tourists visit Bongha every year to see including the former Presidents house, and Owl Rock – and the backdrop to the main story is the famous event that takes place at Owl Rock.

I hope you enjoy this game – I enjoyed making it! :)


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